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Travis Tynan | Copy Editor & Proofreader

What I do…

I am a freelance copyeditor + proofreader.

I’ve worked in various fields throughout fiction and nonfiction—novels, self-help, cookbooks, proposals, research, etc. For examples of past projects, click the link below.

How I work…

First, upon reaching out, we can have a discussion to determine if I would be the right fit to work with you and your manuscript. Then, I can take a look at your manuscript to determine how long the project may take, taking into account your timeline or your expectations.

Judging by the manuscript and your needs, I can then produce a quote. After this is agreed upon, I can typically begin work immediately. And I am certainly able to accommodate tight deadlines. Please reach out for more information or to work with me!

“When I need a proofreader or someone asks me to recommend a copy editor, Travis is the FIRST editor I think of. He is my first choice every time for fiction and non-fiction.  He is one of the rare people who does both equally well!”

Amy Collins, Talcott Notch Literary Services

“One of the best things that happened to me in 2020 was being referred to Travis Tynan as my proofreader. Travis has managed to transform an otherwise mundane and tedious process into something I look forward to each time I prepare a manuscript. He doesn’t just fix my mistakes, I think he helps me learn to be a better writer, which is something every writer should strive for. And he also makes the process enjoyable and entertaining by adding pertinent and often witty comments about scenes or paragraphs he particularly appreciates (which is what us writers live for!)”

Chris Bennet

Author, Road to The Breaking